C.A.P.T. S.r.l.

With a manufacturing area of 5000 sqm and a high-technology production chain, CAPT entirely produces its de-energized tap changers in Trissino (Vicenza), in the northern-east of Italy.
For the assembly of series-manufactured products, a fully automated process has been designed and tested by CAPT’s engineers: it takes only five minutes to transform 45 components into a DT tap changer for distribution transformer.

For large distribution and small power (LDT and SPT series), a specific laboratory is completely dedicated to the assembly and quality control of the tap changers. Moreover, thanks to the expertise of CAPT team, any request for customization can be fulfilled.

Expert technicians, specialized operators and trusted suppliers are involved in a detailed production process where quality and efficiency are always the main focus.
From the selection of the raw materials, across the multiple processing techniques and finishings, up to a strict quality control of the finished items, no detail is left to chance: every moment is extremely important to achieve the best result, as a goal for the company and its customers.