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086 series
A powerful solution designed by CAPT for rotary tap changers


Key features

  • Rotary-type tap changer for rated current up to 300 A, voltage up to 36 kV.
  • Easy assembly in British Standard design.
  • Adjustable shaft length.
  • Bridge connection.

Technical data
Voltage class 24 kV, 36 kV
Rated current from 150 A up to 300 A
Number of positions from 2 up to 7 positions
Available connections bridge

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Product description

As a rotary tap changer designed to accomplish the British Standard, 086 series covers a wide range of possibilities in the field of Distribution Transformers: it can withstand a rated current from 150 A up to 300 A thanks to the different diameters of the available contacts; moreover, rated voltage can be from 24 kV up to 36 kV.

Shaft can be adapted to customer’s needs as it can be cut-to-size according to specific requirements. As a standard dimension, when not specified, shaft is provided 500 mm long for possible adjustement on site.

Transmission shaft is always zinc-plated while central tube shaft is made of epoxy fiber glass; insulating boards between phases are made of phenolic paper board and are fixed to an aluminum bar which guarantees both the fastening of the entire structure and a comfortable assembly to the tank of the transformer. Ring-shaped moving contact allows self-centering position and is made of copper, as well as the fixed threaded contacts. On request, contacts can be also tin-plated or silver-plated, which allows better conductivity and helps preventing oxidation.

Fixed contacts


On request silver plated

Basic connections





Handle drives


Aluminum handle


Aluminum wheel


Aluminum drive

General features

  • All our tap changers are suitable for mineral oil-immersed transformers. Special executions for usage in synthetic and natural Ester fluids are also available upon request.

  • Drive handle and external parts can be provided with specific treatment in case of certain environmental conditions: with special gaskets for lower or higher temperatures; with anti-corrosive treatment for dust and very polluted air.

  • All our tap changers have padlockable drive for better safety and precision.

  • Customized solutions can be designed by our Technical Department according to the specific requirements of the single project.