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C.A.P.T. S.r.l. is an Italian company that manufactures de-energized tap changers for oil transformers: offering extremely efficient and customizable solutions, it is a leader in the field of distribution and power, acting as a trusted partner in more than 60 countries worldwide.

Our story
C.A.P.T. S.r.l.


Constantly oriented to the future, CAPT has always been developing new solutions to satisfy its customers and keep its strong position on the market.
Since its foundation as a family-owned company, back to the early-Seventies, up to the achievement of important goals wordlwide nowadays: looking back at CAPT’s origins, it’s a story of success what we are going to tell you, starting from today.


In 2013 the company has establishd a partnership with Maschinenfabrik Reinhausen Group, which has consolidated CAPT’s role as an international player. This significant achievement has represented also a great start towards the improvement of the company’s inner structure, as well as the constant brand development thanks to MR network worldwide.


The first decade of 2000s saw the creation of important forms of partnership in the field of electronics and mechanics: with E.T.P. (European Trafo Products) from Singapore, for the establishment of a local hub which would supply the regions of South-East Asia; together with other Italian companies, a new association brand has been founded – ITC (Italian Transformers Components), in order to develop new commercial relationships.


The 2003 year saw the launch of “090”, the most well-known product in CAPT portfolio: as the result of an on-going improvement process of the previous “089” model, which up to that moment was the flagship among distribution transformer range, the new “090“ type rapidly reached a great success, thanks to its immediate design, easy assembling process and high performance.


Still in the 90s, the company obtained the first quality management certificate from DNV, according to ISO9002:1994 standard. In 1998 the first documentation was released and CAPT, with the aim of a continuous self-improvement, has been keeping and updating the certificat along the years, with current reference to ISO 9001:2008 standard. In these years, Alessandro, the son of Mr. and Mrs. Serafini, founders of the company, began to work in the family business.

iso 9002

Even before, during the 90s, CAPT distinguished itself for innovation and growth. Many important changes took place during that time: more and more automated equipment was introduced in the production plants, in order to improve the efficiency and productivity; the first tap changers for power transformers were manufactured, thanks also to the know-how acquired from Sacem s.r.l., a historical company based in Turin, Italy, which had more than 10-years experience in this field.


During the 80s, the company launched “089”: this tap changer was produced for the first time in 1989 and was designed for distribution transformers, allowing the company to achieve a global success. Up to that time, the export sales of CAPT were addressed mainly to the European market and to certain areas of Norther Africa. Still in 80s the first half-automated machine was introduced for the manufacturing of tap changers.


The origins of CAPT are those of a family-owned enterprise, as the company was established in 1972 by Gianfranco Serafini and Laura De Marzi, husband and wife: the couple, with great innovation and foresight, started the manufacturing of the first linear distribution tap changer for the local market, launching a business that nowadays counts more than 50 employees and is exporting 100%-made-in-Italy quality to more than 60 countries worldwide.