C.A.P.T. S.r.l.

CAPT believes that quality cannot be just a promise: it has to be a tangible statement and a proved commitment. This is why the company is constantly working to improve its standard levels and it has achieved important certifications during these years, which contributes to make CAPT a reliable partner.


Management quality system

CAPT management system was first developed in 1998, when the company achieved for the first time the official certification according to ISO 9002:1994 standard. During the following years, CAPT has always been determined to keep up the quality level required for all the processes – design, purchasing, manufacturing, testing and sales of the products. The company system is currently certified according to ISO 9001:2015.

Download ISO 9001:2015 Certificate


Health and Safety management system

CAPT has been always working on the side of the employees’ team, taking care of the welfare of every person. Thanks to the great experience worldwide achieved by the company during these years, and according to the current national laws regulation, CAPT system obtained the first certification in 2017. The company keeps on working in this direction as its constant aim is to fulfill the standards in terms of best level for safe working conditions.

Download OHSAS BS 18001:2007 Certificate


Achilles Power & Tech Community registered supplier

The availabilty and transparency of information is one on our most important insight. Only this commitment can help us to share our policies and system results that are the basis to the customer satisfaction goal. Achilles Power & Tech has registered CAPT in their community as a certified supplier since 2017.

Download Achilles Power & Tech Community registered supplier Certificate


CAPT system has always been awared and sensitive to the respect of human rights and the environment sustainability. One of our main commitment is concerning not to voluntarily introduce into our own supply chain any parts which contains 3TG minerals coming from the geographical area defined “Conflict Region”.

Download conflict mineral policy/statement Certificate