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Personal Data Protection - Law n.196/2003

Personal data collected directly and/or through third parties by the controller Capt srl ,Via Postale Vecchia 17, are processed in printed, computing and telematic form for the performance of contractual and lawful obligations as well as for the effective handing of business relations, also for future use. The non-submittal of data, where not compulsory, will be evaluated from time to time by the controller and the resulting decisions to be made will take into account the importance of the required data in respect of the business relation management. Data may be disclosed, strictly in accordance with the above-mentioned purposes, and consequently processed, only in relation to the said purpose, by the other subjects : our agents organization, factoring companies, banks, credit recovery companies, credit insurance company, business information companies, professional and consultants. The data subjects may exercise all the rights set forth in art.7 of L.n.196/2003 (including the rights of data access, updating, objects to data processing and cancellation). The processor is Alessandro Serafini.


What are Cookies?
Cookies are packets of information sent by a website to the internet browser of visitors and automatically stored on their personal computers. On each subsequent access to the website, this data is automatically re-sent to the website server.

What are they used for?
In general, cookies are used to facilitate and speed up browsing performance, for example, in storing credentials for pages that require authentication by the user (only if the appropriate box has been checked), in playing media such as video and audio or in maintaining the browsing preferences of the user within a site. In some cases cookies are necessary for the performance of certain functions of a site, and if you block the use of cookies you may meet some problems in browsing the site. For this reason, it is recommended to configure your browser to accept cookies. The cookies described above are denoted as “technical” as they are used exclusively for technical purposes, and their use does not require consent in accordance with Art. 122, Paragraph 1 of Legislative Decree No. 196/2003.

Types of cookies
There are two types of cookies:
First-party cookies - generated and only readable by the domain that you are visiting.
Third-party cookies - generated and readable by external domains from the one that you are visiting. These cookies may be present if the site contains elements such as sharing buttons provided by various social networks, maps or videos that reside on servers other than the one that issues the page you requested.
Cookies may also be:
Temporary - stored on your computer during a visit to a site and deleted when you exit the your internet browser or turn off your computer.
Persistent - stored on your computer until they are deleted manually via your internet browser.

What cookies do we use on this site?
On we use Google Analytics, a tool that allows us to monitor the way in which users visit web pages by detecting the type of device or browser used, time of access and URL address. The data collected for this purpose is anonymous and therefore cannot be associated with any individual user. We consult the statistics obtained from the collection of this data only to provide visitors with better content based on detected preferences. The cookies used by Google Analytics belong to the category of technical cookies, therefore they do not require consent from the user. On this website we also use YouTube to host video content, therefore some associated cookies are also generated. The user can disable the acceptance of cookies, including those of Google Analytics, by modifying internet browser settings.

How can I disable cookies?
Almost all web browsers automatically accept cookies by default, but they can be disabled via browser preferences. Here are several links with instructions on how to disable cookies in some common browsers: Unless your browser is set to disable cookies, your continued use of the site means that you consent to the use of associated cookies.